"All of time and space. Everything that ever happened and ever will. Where do you wanna start?"

clarissassfray asked you: teen wolf or doctor who?
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Yes, this. It wasn’t hateful or sniping at all. Steve was confronted with something that bore only the vaguest resemblance to electrical wiring as he knew it, so he called it, knowing he was not giving Tony any useful information. And Tony instantly recognized the fault in his own logic, did not snark Steve out as his custom in most situations, and instead guided Steve, who didn’t know what he was looking at, through a process that Steve had to trust was correct and would solve their problem. And it did, because they relied on each other and communicated clearly.

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#sorry i havent been very active lately #ive been busy with school and work #but #im here to post a positive personal post #because theres this really cute guy in my english class #and he keeps talking to me and stuff #and we hung out for an hour yesterday #sitting in the college cafeteria with one of my friends #and he kept like #i dont know how to label it #complimenting me in a subtly flirty way? #my point is #he is super nice and everything #and he wants me to work out with him #because i mentioned that i needed a worl out buddy #because i dont exercise #and he is going to the halloween party friday that i am going to #and im so excited to see him #ill see him tomorrow #and hopefully hang out with him for a bit #but like #omg #we havent exchanged numners yet #but all i want to do is text him #but i want to wait until he asks for me number #play it cool #but like he waits for me after class and stuff to walk with me #IT IS SO CUTE #and i havent had someone do this for me before #so its all really new and nice





#while bbc sherlock is at the stage where sherlock and john are finally discovering their love for each other #the movies have flown straight past flirting and into husband land

Interviewer: Tell us about your relationship with Robert Downey Jr on set.
Jude Law: Oh, I love him. I love him.
Interviewer: Yeah? You had a bit of a bromance going on there.
Jude Law: What is this new term everyone is using?
Interviewer: Bromance?
Jude Law: Oh, it’s a horrible term. What about just a romance?
Interviewer: No, it’s not the same.
Jude Law: Why not? Why?
Interviewer: Cause then you’d have to star in a romantic comedy together or something.
Jude Law: We just have. Have you not seen it? [x]

Jude Law does not have time for any of that ‘No Homo’ bullshit…


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I´m dying.

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Misha Collins at the Supernatural 200th episode celebrations [x]

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"It's making me into something I don't want to be."

hunters | infected on the job

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"I ain’t your freakin’ bestie and I ain’t taking orders from you. When I need to kill, I’ll call. Until then, stay out of my way."

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could it be worse?
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